About us

With continuous innovative sleep solutions since 1982 we are proud to be one of Europe’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of duvets and pillows. We are an established family run business, operating a multi-network of companies with bases in the UK, Europe and Asia.

Providing to clientele from International franchisers, independent retailers to healthcare with their specific requirements by direct export from Asia or through our distribution company in the UK.

Dekbed's products range from the standard corrovin construction to the more exclusive panel woven Jacquard bed linen.

Our customers come from different sectors:

Hotels and Hospitality Organisations • Hospitals and Care Homes • Leisure and Holiday Caravan Parks • Universities and Boarding Schools • Laundries and Linen Hire Companies • Retail and Airlines • Cruise and shipping lines

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Ten years ago, Dekbed UK set up a manufacturing production facility in Pakistan which was named AWG. AWG has had a positive response to the local market to the Far East and also in America, as it offers a cheaper alternative to our customers. A large percentage of our customers now prefer to use this resource as it is more beneficial to them. Within AWG we have a number of departments that specialise in embroidery, Pintuck, bedspread, weaving units, design room, packing room and stitching room. We turn around from start to finish in 6 weeks from making the fabric to packing and being shipped.

Our business is built on the principles of best value, excellent service and high quality.

We weave, we process, we manufacture & more importantly we deliver.