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Mattress Protectors

Mattress Protector-Polycotton Quilted
This is our standard quilted mattress protector range. The upper surface is a quilted polycotton fabric with a polyester filling. Diamond shape stitching ensures the filling stays in place for extra softness and unrivalled comfort, whilst your mattress remains well protected and in perfect condition.

Pillow Protector- Polycotton Quilted
This Quilted Pillow Protector adds comfort to your pillow whilst providing protection against wear and tear. The outer quilted cover is polycotton with polyester filling. This quilted pillow protector has a traditional housewife fold opening and fits a standard size pillow

Mattress Protector-Polycotton Quilted Waterproof
Our Quilted Waterproof Fitted Mattress Protector provides excellent comfort and allergy protection, Finished in a polycotton cover with a 100% Polyester filling to ensure a good night's sleep. With a breathable Polypropylene backing and Polyurethane layer ensures it's waterproof and very comfortable.

Pillow Protector- Polycotton Quilted Waterproof
Our Quilted Waterproof Pillow Protectors are made from polycotton. These pillow protectors provide excellent comfort with a breathable and bacteria-resistant polyurethane backing ensures its waterproof. These pillow protectors will fit on any pillow and are fully machine washable.